Prevent Theft: Store Your Trailer in Secure Storage

Last year there was a ring of cargo trailer thefts in Colorado, with hundreds of trailers stolen.  Some were found, but many were not.  Unfortunately there are indications that vehicle theft in Colorado, including theft of trailers is not on a decline.

According to the Colorado State Patrol, Denver has five thefts per 1,000 cars… Denver, Aurora, Colorado Springs, Lakewood and Adams County have all been targeted by Colorado State Patrol for the shockingly high number of thefts that occur in that area. In fact, more than 11,000 car thefts occurred in 2010 in Colorado, costing the state somewhere around $72 million in losses. (Source

If you have a cargo trailer, vehicle trailer, RV, pop-up camper, extra vehicles/trucks, or boat in Colorado (or anywhere else), it would be wise to prevent theft.

Here are a few ways that people secure their vehicles/trailers to prevent theft:

1.  Trailer Hitch Lock – There are a variety of locks available for trailer hitches, whether  it is a gooseneck type hitch, or ball hitch, at minimum having a lock can deter a theft of convenience.

2. Wheel Lock – Similar to when your car is booted after being illegally parked, this is a large locking attachment that can prevent a car or trailer from rolling away by the hands of a thief.

3. GPS – Not only can car dealers and lenders attach a GPS unit to a vehicle, there are GPS systems sold for consumers to have installed on their vehicle or trailer.  GPS systems vary, but can include geo-fencing that will notify you should your vehicle/trailer move outside of the fenced area, and giving you and the police a better idea where to recover it quickly.

4. Storage Facility – Another option is to store your vehicle or trailer in a secure storage facility.  This allows greater peace of mind, especially when you are away from home, or can only store a vehicle or trailer on a street or in your driveway.  Our Fort Lupton facility gives you the convenience of 24/7 access, but gives you peace of mind with secure gate access, 24/7 video monitoring, and oversized fencing around the grounds.

Keep your toys, or your business assets secure by storing them properly to prevent theft.  If you are looking for storage for a vehicle, trailer, boat, or RV, we are glad to help.  Whether it’s for a few days a week between jobs, or for a season, we can customize a bid for you based on the space needed, and time needed.  Give us a call at 303-219-4787.


Year Round RV Camping in Colorado

It may officially be fall, but that doesn’t mean that all your RV fun is over. But, perhaps you’re not planning on doing a road trip of the Southern USA. Fortunately for those from or traveling through Colorado, there are several RV campgrounds that are open year-round.

Glenwood Caverns
Glenwood Caverns

Glenwood Canyon Resort – This RV park is located just outside of Glenwood Springs. The town is most well known for the Glenwood hot springs pool, which is a great way to relax all four seasons of the year. Other fun off-season activities include touring Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park, Iron Mountain Hot Springs, and trips up valley to see changing Aspen leaves in the Roaring Fork Valley. It’s fortunate that Rand McNally & USA Today Travel’s “America’s Most Fun Small Town” of 2011 has an RV park with year round access for guests. Info at

The royal gorge bridge.

Prospectors RV Resort – Located west of Canyon City on Hwy 50, and just a few miles from the Royal Gorge Bridge and Park is Prospectors RV Resort. This banana belt has much lower snowfall, and a long season for adventure. The Royal Gorge bridge is open year round along with their park and activities. Other year-round activities nearby include the Royal Gorge train, ziplining, and horseback riding. Info at

Downtown in Durango Colorado
Downtown in Durango Colorado

Durango RV Park – Located fourteen miles south of town, for the RV park amenities the Durango RV Park doesn’t have, it makes up in privacy. This is a place to unwind for an undetermined length of time, and enjoy the peace and solitude that so many RV parks lack especially during peak season. Yet it’s close enough to all the excitement and activities that Durango has to offer – food, breweries, guided snowmobiling, and lots of fall colors to enjoy from the Durango-Silverton railroad which runs through October. Info at

Old Town Fort Collins mural
Old Town Fort Collins mural

Fort Collins Lakeside KOA Campground – A little closer to home (for those nearby to us in Fort Lupton Colorado!) is the Fort Collins Lakeside KOA Campground. This family friendly destination is located North of the town of Fort Collins. It’s convenient to visit Old Town’s shopping, dining and breweries. Within the RV park there is a recreation center that is free for registered guests to use. Info at

Have another favorite year round RV campground that you love to visit in Colorado? Please leave a comment to share it with other readers.

Need a place to store your RV between adventures? Colorado Secured Storage is located in Fort Lupton Colorado with rates customized to your RV or trailer storage size and duration needed. Call 303-219-4787 to ask about availability!

Kitchen Essentials for your RV

Top Items for Food Prep in Your RV

Does 4th of July mean a BBQ in a campground? We have gathered a few items that are essential for saving time and effort while cooking on the road or at your favorite RV campground.

Cutting Board / Strainer Combo

via Amazon

Efficiency of space is critical for food prep in an RV kitchen.

This cutting board increases work space, by fitting over a sink, and has a built in, collapsible strainer, making it easy to rinse fruits and veggies as you go.

Amazon $29.95

Photo via Amazon

Cuisinart Simply Grilling Nonstick Grilling Basket

via Amazon

Want to prepare everything on the campground grill, but the slats are too far apart to grill veggies, and fingerling potatoes?

This grilling basket is the solution to make grilling easy, on your own grill or the campground grill.

Amazon $17.34

Photo via Amazon

Camp Bread Maker

via Amazon

The easiest way to make bread will also keep you from having to warm up the RV during these hot summer months.  The cast iron bread maker allows you to quickly make bread and other items on the grill or over a fire.

Amazon $17.99

Photo via Amazon


Have a favorite item that you keep in your RV to make cooking a breeze?  Please share with us in the comments…

Winter RV Storage: Five Places to Check For Leaks

Winter came rolled into Colorado with a vengeance in November, and we’ll certainly reach the single digits many more times this summer. Perhaps you have done your yearly winterization of the fresh water system, but have you inspected your RV for spots where water and ice can drip and accumulate?

Save yourself future repairs, and inspect your RV for any cracks in these common areas to prevent freeze and water damage when storing your RV in the off season.


1. Depressions in roof that cause water to pool
-Rubber Roof Top Coat
-Park on chalks for storage that allow a slight angle for water to drip away, make sure roof seams are well sealed, so water doesn’t drip through into the RV

2. Seals around roof vents, antennas, air conditioning or satellite units

3. Roof seams

4. Trimming around windows and doors

5. Gaskets around running lights and attachments on the exterior sides to prevent leaks into the walls

Winterize Your Boat for Winter Storage

October in Colorado often brings the early dips in temperature.  If your boat has a fresh water system, now is the time to get it winterized, if you haven’t done so already.  The process will take less than an hour, but will save you hours of frustration finding and repairing ruptured lines, should water freeze in any of the lines without proper winterization.

frozen snowflakePrior to getting started on winterizing your boat, you will need to get some boat & RV antifreeze.

According to West Marine, “the burst point of PVC pipes used in most drinking water systems is about -10°F (-23°C). When winterizing water systems in regions where temperatures can fall below -10°F (-23°C), we recommend using West Marine Pure Oceans -100°F (-73°C) Marine Antifreeze.”

The -50°F Engine & Water System Antifreeze is suitable for Colorado as it “provides burst protection to -50°F (-46°C) and freeze protection within a range of +12°F to +16°F (-11°C to -9°C)” (West Marine).

If this is the first winter with your boat, or haven’t taken on the task of winterizing your boat for winter storage, we found this popular winterizing video instruction on YouTube (if you find it helpful, be sure to give it a thumbs up on YouTube!).

Once your boat’s fresh water system is winterized, you can cover it up and store it away for winter, until late spring or summer.  If you’re in need of the space in your driveway and can’t store your boat at your home, please give us a call at 303-219-4787, for a competitive storage rate based on the size of your boat, that you need to put in storage for the winter.

5 Colorado RV Destinations to Visit Before RV Season Rolls to a Close

It’s not too late to get in one more RV trip before 2014 is over, and it’s time to winterize your RV.

If you’re looking for a quick adventure across the open roads of Colorado here are 5 unique Colorado destinations to check out with your RV.

Motor Home Towing Boat At Sunset by debspoons
Image courtesy of / debspoons

1. Estes Park – Rocky Mountain National Park is great throughout the seasons, but most especially when the fall colors start to show in the high country.  Fortunately there are a variety of campgrounds to park your RV.

2. Sand Dunes National Park – This destination is perfect for the shoulder seasons when the heat of the high altitude desert is milder.  The Sand Dunes Pool and RV Park makes for a fun destination and central location to explore the park too.

3.  Hot Springs – If you’re a fan of the therapeutic waters of a hot springs pool, you’re fortunate to have options for pairing it with an RV vacation.  Stay at an RV park near one of Colorado’s best known hot springs pools, like Glenwood RV Park is to the Glenwood Hot Springs, or wander further away to a destination like the Healing Waters Resort in Pagosa Springs which has RV spots available until October 31st each year.

4. Colorado National Monument – Just like the Sand Dunes, Colorado National Monument in Fruita, is usually a bit cooler when visited outside of summer months.  It is a beautiful destination if you want to admire the canyons carved by the Colorado River, take the mountain bike on an exploration, or visit the nearby Colorado wine country.

5.  Summit County – If fall and winter does scare you, and you look forward to some snowflakes and skiing, there are RV resorts open year round in ski towns like Tiger Run RV resort in Breckenridge, or Steamboat Campground in Steamboat.

If you travel seasonally and store your RV during the off season we still have space available for you to store your RV between your adventures.  Just give us a call!

It’s RV Season – A Few Facts About Those That Hit the Open Road

We found this captivating infographic that shows the trends of RV-ing.  With so many great destinations across the US, half of the adventure is setting out on the open road, and connecting the dots. Learn a few stats to recite by the campfire at the next RV park you stop for a night, and maybe you’ll even come up with a name for your bus of a travel companion.

Colorado Secured Storage: Flexible Storage Solutions

We offer flexibility for our storage facility to accommodate commercial and private vehicle storage needs.  Here are a few ways we stand out from our competition.

1. Custom Bids – When you inquire about a storage bid we will give you a bid for the amount of space you need.  It’s not a one size fits all pricing structure.

2. Flexible Terms – We have flexible terms to meet your storage needs.  Whether you’re looking to park a recreational vehicle for the off seasons, or need to store commercial vehicles between projects, we offer more flexibility than other storage facilities.

3. Easy Access – Our facility offers ease of use. Not only is it accessible 24/7 with video monitoring, the facility is well lit and spacious giving you adequate room to pick up or park your trailers or vehicles.

4 Reasons to Store Your Boat at Colorado Secured Storage

white speedboat courtesy of / khunaspixWhen you’re choosing where to store your boat, you’re looking for convenience and affordability.  If you’re like most boat owners, your impression will resonate with these four advantages of choosing to store your boat at Colorado Secured Storage in Fort Lupton Colorado.

  1. Avoid city parking fines for storing on the street in your neighborhood, or HOA warnings for storing it in your driveway
  2. Ask for a bid, for your boat storage needs, but you will find that our rates are more affordable than storing your boat inside of most marinas.
  3. Storing your boat in a central location, near highways like at Colorado Secured Storage, allows you options to visit many lakes, versus always returning to the same lake for every trip.
  4. The video monitored facility is well lit and allows 24/7 access, so you can pick up and return your boat on your schedule, not yours.

Need to arrange seasonal or year round storage for your boat? Inquire for a storage bid.

Image: white speedboat courtesy of / khunaspix