Winter RV Storage: Five Places to Check For Leaks

Winter came rolled into Colorado with a vengeance in November, and we’ll certainly reach the single digits many more times this summer. Perhaps you have done your yearly winterization of the fresh water system, but have you inspected your RV for spots where water and ice can drip and accumulate?

Save yourself future repairs, and inspect your RV for any cracks in these common areas to prevent freeze and water damage when storing your RV in the off season.


1. Depressions in roof that cause water to pool
-Rubber Roof Top Coat
-Park on chalks for storage that allow a slight angle for water to drip away, make sure roof seams are well sealed, so water doesn’t drip through into the RV

2. Seals around roof vents, antennas, air conditioning or satellite units

3. Roof seams

4. Trimming around windows and doors

5. Gaskets around running lights and attachments on the exterior sides to prevent leaks into the walls

4 Reasons to Store Your Boat at Colorado Secured Storage

white speedboat courtesy of / khunaspixWhen you’re choosing where to store your boat, you’re looking for convenience and affordability.  If you’re like most boat owners, your impression will resonate with these four advantages of choosing to store your boat at Colorado Secured Storage in Fort Lupton Colorado.

  1. Avoid city parking fines for storing on the street in your neighborhood, or HOA warnings for storing it in your driveway
  2. Ask for a bid, for your boat storage needs, but you will find that our rates are more affordable than storing your boat inside of most marinas.
  3. Storing your boat in a central location, near highways like at Colorado Secured Storage, allows you options to visit many lakes, versus always returning to the same lake for every trip.
  4. The video monitored facility is well lit and allows 24/7 access, so you can pick up and return your boat on your schedule, not yours.

Need to arrange seasonal or year round storage for your boat? Inquire for a storage bid.

Image: white speedboat courtesy of / khunaspix