Welcome to Colorado Secured Storage

Welcome to Colorado Secured Storage.  Our facility can accommodate most any storage need, large or small, commercial or private.

We pride ourselves in providing you the best secure outdoor storage solutions.

  • Storage grounds are video-monitored
  • The electronic gate allows 24/7 access with our video monitored keypad
  • Easy access to major highways
  • Clean weed free lot
  • Eight-foot privacy fence
  • Well-lit facility

Our Fort Lupton Storage Facility

We are located in Fort Lupton at Highway 85 and Weld County Road 18.  Get Directions.

How can we help you store vehicles, commercial equipment, or bulk storage?  Request a quote for secure outdoor storage.

What are your storage needs?

semi truck and trailer parked in storage

Commercial Vehicle Storage

Pallets of commerical bulk storage

Commercial Bulk Storage

Boat Storage

several RVs parked in a row when not used for traveling

RV and Trailer Storage

How can we help you store recreation vehicles, boats, commercial vehicles and equipment, or bulk storage?  Please contact us for a quote or to make a reservation for secure outdoor storage.

Commercial Vehicle Storage

semi truck and trailer parked in storage

Our large outdoor storage facility has the flexibility for a wide variety of commercial storage. Our secure electronic gate and video monitored keypad ensure security and access so you have access to your vehicles, trailers, containers, etc, when you need it, 24/7.

Boat and RV Storage

We offer secure storage for whatever seasons you need to park your RV, camper trailer, or boat. Your RV, trailer, or boat was an investment in future memories. Make sure that it is secure during the offseason. Our large storage and parking facility makes it easy to haul in and park your boat, trailer, or RV. We do not have one size fits all pricing – it depends on the duration you need the storage for, as well as the size of the vehicle/space needed.

Get a Storage Quote

Due to the variety of storage our facility allows, from commercial vehicles and equipment, bulk storage, and privately owned boats and RVs, we do not have one size fits all storage pricing.

Let us know what you need to store and we will get you a quote within 24 hours!