Kitchen Essentials for your RV

Top Items for Food Prep in Your RV

Does 4th of July mean a BBQ in a campground? We have gathered a few items that are essential for saving time and effort while cooking on the road or at your favorite RV campground.

Cutting Board / Strainer Combo

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Efficiency of space is critical for food prep in an RV kitchen.

This cutting board increases work space, by fitting over a sink, and has a built in, collapsible strainer, making it easy to rinse fruits and veggies as you go.

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Cuisinart Simply Grilling Nonstick Grilling Basket

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Want to prepare everything on the campground grill, but the slats are too far apart to grill veggies, and fingerling potatoes?

This grilling basket is the solution to make grilling easy, on your own grill or the campground grill.

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Camp Bread Maker

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The easiest way to make bread will also keep you from having to warm up the RV during these hot summer months.  The cast iron bread maker allows you to quickly make bread and other items on the grill or over a fire.

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Have a favorite item that you keep in your RV to make cooking a breeze?  Please share with us in the comments…

5 Colorado RV Destinations to Visit Before RV Season Rolls to a Close

It’s not too late to get in one more RV trip before 2014 is over, and it’s time to winterize your RV.

If you’re looking for a quick adventure across the open roads of Colorado here are 5 unique Colorado destinations to check out with your RV.

Motor Home Towing Boat At Sunset by debspoons
Image courtesy of / debspoons

1. Estes Park – Rocky Mountain National Park is great throughout the seasons, but most especially when the fall colors start to show in the high country.  Fortunately there are a variety of campgrounds to park your RV.

2. Sand Dunes National Park – This destination is perfect for the shoulder seasons when the heat of the high altitude desert is milder.  The Sand Dunes Pool and RV Park makes for a fun destination and central location to explore the park too.

3.  Hot Springs – If you’re a fan of the therapeutic waters of a hot springs pool, you’re fortunate to have options for pairing it with an RV vacation.  Stay at an RV park near one of Colorado’s best known hot springs pools, like Glenwood RV Park is to the Glenwood Hot Springs, or wander further away to a destination like the Healing Waters Resort in Pagosa Springs which has RV spots available until October 31st each year.

4. Colorado National Monument – Just like the Sand Dunes, Colorado National Monument in Fruita, is usually a bit cooler when visited outside of summer months.  It is a beautiful destination if you want to admire the canyons carved by the Colorado River, take the mountain bike on an exploration, or visit the nearby Colorado wine country.

5.  Summit County – If fall and winter does scare you, and you look forward to some snowflakes and skiing, there are RV resorts open year round in ski towns like Tiger Run RV resort in Breckenridge, or Steamboat Campground in Steamboat.

If you travel seasonally and store your RV during the off season we still have space available for you to store your RV between your adventures.  Just give us a call!

10 Reminders for De-winterizing Your RV

Memorial weekend is just a couple weeks away to ring in summer fun and adventures.  If summer means a week on the open road with your family in an RV, then it’s time to start de-winterizing your RV in preparation.

Save time and frustration while on your summer vacation by following steps for de-winterizing your RV

  1. Remove furnace and refrigerator vent covers
  2. Fully charge batteries if you removed them when winterizing
  3. Flush out the plumbing with fresh water to remove antifreeze
  4. Test brake lights and turn signals
  5. Check that the tires are at their proper inflation
  6. Use soapy water to check that propane tank connections are tight
  7. Clean off and re-lubricate the hitch on camper trailers and 5th wheel trailers
  8. Give a thorough inspection that there are no leaks that could allow bugs, mice, or water through.
  9. Test furnace and hot water heater that they are functioning normally
  10. Inspect the chassis, use grease as needed. Repack wheel bearings as needed

Have other tips for de-winterizing your RV? Please share in the comments below.