Five Tips for Storing Your Vehicle for a Long Term

When storing a passenger vehicle for 3 months, 6 months or longer, these tips will help you maintain the condition of your vehicle for when you take it out of storage.


1. Top off the gas tank – this will prevent water condensation in the gas tank

2. Prevent flat spots on the tires – either slightly deflate the tires and raise the vehicle off the ground with two sets of jacks, or overinflate the tires by 10 psi

3. Prevent battery from draining – either remove the battery or attach a trickle charger

4. Have your vehicle serviced – changing the oil and topping off fluids

5. Prevent exterior wear when storing outdoors – give your car a wash, consider having it waxed, and cover your vehicle with a thick car cover or tarp to protect your vehicle from the elements

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